Stu Rudd

Introducing Stu Rudd..or Ruddy to his friends

Ruddy’s mates formed a band 30 years ago and needed a bass player…he wanted in and wow…did he go all in?! Eventually that band split and he formed The Superjesus with Sarah McLeod and the rest is Australian rock history!

That history includes 3 Arias for Best Rock Album, Best New Talent, Best Debut Single as well as another 7 other nominations. The Superjesus’ debut album peaked at #2 on the Australian Music charts and since produced 2 top 10 albums, along with 5 top 40 singles and the Australian People’s Choice award in 1998!

In 2019,  he was inducted into the South Australian Hall of Fame for his continued work in performances, writing, recording and producing on a national level….not bad for the young dude who picked up a bass so he could hang with his mates!

Ruddy grew up on the sounds of KISS, Queen, MOTOWN ,and good time basic rock n roll and good time music that keep the beat and the foot tapping…sound familiar?

He’s gonna fit right in around here!