Skenie joins the Filthy Animals with a bio as long as his hair!
This singer/songwriter/musician ( he really does do it all!) has performed alongside Angry Anderson, Dave Gleeson, Doc Neeson and many more Aussie and NZ rock legends.

With his band The Poor he has shared a stage with AC/DC, Van Halen, Kiss, Bon Jovi, Alice In Chains, Scorpions, Suicidal Tendencies, WASP and Buckcherry…just to name a few. Skenie has 4 Eps and 6 albums under his belt with The Poor and his heavy band LUMP so he kinda knows what he’s doing! Add his high energy, gritty performance to a powerful stage presence then throw in a vocal range that seems to have no end and you’ll see we’ve reeled in a pretty impressive Filthy! Hold on people…things are about to get wild!