Jimmy Cupples

Jimmy was born in Scotland to singing parents who relocated to Australia in his early years….they were determined their son would learn to sing correctly and guided him with a classical background even welcoming him on stage as a young child. Their grand plan was going swimmingly until their son met a guy who loved Led Zeppelin! His parents were far from impressed by this new screaming style but Jimmy was sold and was soon ripping up venues with his incredible vocal range and technique.

Jimmy’s career has spanned four decades and has seen him with a feature role in the Led Zeppelin tribute show “ Whole Lotta Love”, record with his own band King Canyon (new tracks coming 2024) as well as achieve runner up on the 2012 series of The Voice.
It’s been only up from his first gig at the Sunshine Army Base where he showed up with his mic and guitar and was charged to get into his own gig! Not a great start to a music career!

Often compared to the powerhouse that is Robert Plant, Jimmy laughs “When you sing like Plant, you do feel like some crazy, crazy woman who’s just escaped from an asylum,” We promise not to lock him up nor charge him to sing at our gigs! We can’t wait…catch him very soon as he adds some special magic to a Filthy show near you!