Daniel Cox

Daniel grew up in Coffs Harbouor and started playing guitar at the age of 10 when his Dad bought him his first acoustic guitar for his birthday. He’s always been a fan of the old 70s rock bands and has a particular love of Van Halen, Ozzie Ozbourne, Sabbath and Freak Kitchen ( a Swedish metal band) and has recently discovered Mammoth.

Dan was a founding member of Nine Sons of Dan who were dubbed “The next big thing” by radio station Hot Tomato in 2011 The band went on tour and record with Dan for 7 years. Their track “She’s So Fine” was the #1 most added track to Australian Radio in 2011.

5 years ago he got a call from a promoter asking if he’d be interested in auditioning for a band that was popular back in the 90s. He didn’t mention names but Dan asked if it was The Poor…and the guy was shocked he guessed! Daniel’s mum had the Who Cares album and played it constantly and it became one of his favourite albums….good work Mum! An audition followed, but it was only a few songs in when Skenie said “Ive seen what I need to see let’s go to the pub” Dan was in!

Today Dan continues to record and tour with The Poor and enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and precious daughter Darcy…he also enjoys a call from The Filthys to learn 6 new songs in 3 days ….(that’s an inside joke, he doesn’t really!)

Dan’s super excited to play alongside musicians he’s grown up admiring and listening to …and we’re really excited to have him join our Filthy Family!